Artists We Love [Brian Eno]

Brian Eno

Brian Eno has been a consistent influence on NAVASA. His trendsetting Music for Airports ambient music album has been an invaluable influence while creating some of our more dreamy and spacey atmospheric tracks like “Guided by Stars”, “On Approach”  and “1963”. Also, the classic Here Come the Warm Jets, his first solo record after leaving Roxy Music containing work with Robert Fripp and others, showcases a genuine guide for anyone interested in what is known as “artrock”.

Brian’s musical endeavors have allowed us to become the band we want to be instead of the band we’re supposed to be. He will forever be in our hearts as the agent provocateur that keeps NAVASA’s music from ever being overtly commercial. (In other words, we’d rather starve to death than ever sell our soul to the devil to sell records.)

His videos from the 70s are relatively archaic and not worth showing, but this video for “An Ending (Ascent)”, from the album Atmospheres and Soundtracks, which you might also recognize as the ending music in the movie Traffic (which is where this video comes from), is worth a look. The music is so beautiful it can take your breath away:

Brian Eno eventually went onto producing megastars like U2 and Colplay, but it’s his own personal work that will forever stay glued to NAVASA’s heart.