Artists We Love [Boards of Canada]

Maybe more than any other musical entity out there, Boards of Canada are a direct influence on the music of NAVASA, especially our first two EPs, (2014’s Sensurreal and 2015’s On And On). The sonic landscapes of Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin are of a particular and unique sentiment that encompasses the latest electronica technology and craftsmanship combining it with old school analog recording techniques and the misuse of equipment. They have taken the genre we so love to new heights with a direct eye on art and a shunning of commercial interest. With a limited output that spans several years between releases and a gravitation to secrecy that implores it’s audience to let the music to speak for itself, Boards of Canada have gravitated to the mountain top. One of their greatest feats is making you think that a track is uncompromisingly simple, but once further investigated, reveals a layer of complexity that bursts into your ears. This a magical musical trick that few have ever accomplished.

Boards of Canada’s video output is minimal, again resorting to their mission to let the music do the talking, but here is an official clip for the track “Reach for the Dead”, from the duo’s 2013 masterpiece album Tomorrow’s Harvest: