Artists We Love [Calexico]

Calexico might not be known to a lot of you. They have shunned the spotlight in favor of remaining true their roots, not the most commercial of musical decisions. The album we know best is their fourth, 2003’s Feast of Wire, a beautiful collection of songs featuring their usual Tex-Mex sound surrounded by elements of mariachi, jazz and other musical influences (and mysteriously not mentioned in their wiki). The songs on Feast of Wire showcase some amazing structures, with feature instruments coming and going throughout the mix, while the drums, bass and rhythm guitars flow together as a strong foundation for inspired lyrics. Add to this some experimentation with synthesizers and other electronica on some tracks, Calexico shows you that they are not hindered by traditional “Americana” rules, but are eager to explore their muse with passion and intent.

So, we can hear you asking, “Why is an electronica band like NAVASA listening to a Tex-Mex band?” Well, the answer is simple: We love artists that are true to their art, not true to the commercial pressures of popular music, and Calexico fits that bill perfectly.

Check out this video for “Quattro”, from the Feast of Wire album: