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TIMES-RECORD | 5.24.20 | Here comes NAVASA, a Delmarva-based Psytronica duo that is not afraid to speak to truth and say it like it is. On their newest album Redusted, they feature a track called “Omnipresent”, a song containing a lyric warning people that the world’s power elites have invaded everyone’s lives, that the 1% are maintaining strict control over a very narrow narrative, and how these destructive actions can pit people against each other. Considering they wrote “Omnipresent” back


by JONATHAN ROBINSON | BEST MUSIC SPOTLIGHT at MUSIC GATEWAY | 5.31.20 | From the second it begins; the track is achingly demanding of your time. Sci-fi flitting pitches, Battles-esque pad tones and a pristine production value.The minimal repeating bass line in the opening section of the piece brings forth thoughts of modern soul or R&B performance delivered with a classical sense of discipline within the mix. Mirrored perfectly in the percussive accompaniment, this oddly flowing-yet-rigid rhythmic technique gives the