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NAVASA are a Psytronica duo featuring Tammy Sue Everett and Gregory T. Biribauer, formed in 2014. Tammy grew up in the heart of Pennsylvania and Greg is originally from Toronto, Canada. The pair met in Denver, CO, but are now based out of the Delmarva Peninsula on the US Eastern Shore. “We attempt to make music that can let a listener travel without moving,” says Everett.     Both members contribute to the creative process, with Tammy handling vocals, drums,


TIMES-RECORD | 5.24.20 | Here comes NAVASA, a Delmarva-based Psytronica duo that is not afraid to speak to truth and say it like it is. On their newest album Redusted, they feature a track called “Omnipresent”, a song containing a lyric warning people that the world’s power elites have invaded everyone’s lives, that the 1% are maintaining strict control over a very narrow narrative, and how these destructive actions can pit people against each other. Considering they wrote “Omnipresent” back


by JONATHAN ROBINSON | BEST MUSIC SPOTLIGHT at MUSIC GATEWAY | 5.31.20 | From the second it begins; the track is achingly demanding of your time. Sci-fi flitting pitches, Battles-esque pad tones and a pristine production value.The minimal repeating bass line in the opening section of the piece brings forth thoughts of modern soul or R&B performance delivered with a classical sense of discipline within the mix. Mirrored perfectly in the percussive accompaniment, this oddly flowing-yet-rigid rhythmic technique gives the